Running a pub

Once you have taken the keys to one of our pubs, you will have the freedom to operate the business in your own way.

From deciding on what you would like to offer your guests and how you market that, to employing your team and controlling costs, the decisions are down to you. It is hard work but running your own pub can be both a rewarding business and a great lifestyle choice. We will also be there to help and guide you along the way; we have an enhanced support package for your first year, and as much or as little ongoing support as you want.

A Brief Overview

Being a Business Partner with Hall & Woodhouse means you make the decisions needed to run your own business.

  • There is no guaranteed level of income; any profit made after rent and running costs is yours to keep.
  • You will be supported by Hall & Woodhouse while you are running your business.
  • Rent is agreed before you begin your tenancy and is only adjusted in line with RPI throughout your partnership with us.
  • We have a drinks supply agreement which enables both of us to run successful businesses.
  • You will need capital for investment to start your business; however some of this can be retrieved when your agreement ends.
  • Our relationship with our Business Partners is defined in our Code of Practice which is BII accredited and binding on us.


A Joint Investment

Taking on a pub with Hall & Woodhouse is a low-cost way to set up your own business but it does need some investment from you. As well as a returnable deposit of £7,500, you will need to purchase the pub fixtures and fittings from the previous operator. You will also need to buy stock, glassware, crockery and cutlery. On top of this you will need to have some working capital available to help you run your business. Amounts obviously vary from pub to pub; details for every business opportunity are available on our website.

When you leave the business you will be able to sell the fixtures and fittings to the next Business Partner as well as the glassware and stock, and we will return the deposit with interest, minus any outstanding monies owed to Hall & Woodhouse.

Working together

Throughout your partnership with Hall & Woodhouse we are dedicated to supporting you within your business. Please click here to view information about what we can do to help.


The ‘Business Partnership Agreement’ is protected by the Landlord and Tenant Act. In return for the use of our pub for your business we charge you a rent. This is an amount set for the term of the agreement and is agreed before you take on the pub. We will show you how we have calculated the rent for your pub. The rent is not subject to a review and is only adjusted annually in line with RPI (if RPI is negative then your rent will be lowered in line with RPI).

If you want to renew your agreement for a further three years the rent in linked to RPI only. This gives you the ability to plan for the future with certainty and means you are not penalised for your success.

Pre-Entry Awareness Training

Before being able to sign up to our Business Partnership Agreement you will need to complete the mandatory Pre-Entry Awareness Training (PEAT). This is an e-learning package that will help you to identify the main issues which need to be considered and investigated before signing a tenanted agreement. PEAT will give you the knowledge to evaluate the agreement, as well as advising you on other issues which you may not be aware of. The PEAT package can be purchased by clicking here. On successful completion of the PEAT Training you will be awarded with a BIIAB certificate.

Supply Agreement

As our Business Partner you agree to purchase all beers, ciders, wines, spirits and soft drinks through us. This is sometimes referred to as the ‘tie’. The supply agreement helps us develop and brew our award-winning ales which are only available in cask format in Hall & Woodhouse pubs. It also helps fund the support we are able to offer you. This includes investment in our pubs, support from our Area Managers, marketing materials and much more. The supply agreement also makes it easier for you to order your stock; it means one call, one order, one payment and one delivery backed up by our excellent Distribution Team, Beer Quality Ambassadors and Technical Services Team.

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