Running a Pub

We are committed to offering you as much support as you require to help you with running your business.

Our Support

This support includes a training program for both you and your team, financial guidance, stock control, marketing and much more. Our help and advice will be offered to you throughout your partnership with us.

In relation to our Code of Practice: The government has now introduced the statutory “Pubs Code” designed to govern the relationship between tied pub tenants and large pub-owning businesses (more than 500 tied pubs). As a result the Independent Family Brewers of Britain, in conjunction with the British Beer & Pub Association, have also published a new Voluntary Code of Practice for tenants of pub companies owning fewer than 500 pubs. As a member of both the IFBB and the BBPA, we have signed up to the new Voluntary Code of Practice.

A copy of the Voluntary Code of Practice can be found here

Your first 12 months

The first year in your new pub will be the most challenging, as you are getting to grips with building your business and managing all your overheads and cash flow effectively. To ensure you have every chance of success, we provide you with an enhanced package of support during this period:


We will require you to complete our BII-approved Cellar Training Course and we also expect you to complete the BII Award in Introductory Licensed Retail Operators. We also host a two-day welcome to the company which includes dinner with Mark Woodhouse, our Chairman. These courses cost a total of £650 plus VAT, but once you complete them we will send you two firkins of award-winning Badger First Gold.

The Pre-change Meeting

Before you take over the pub your Area Manager will hold a detailed meeting with you to give you all the information you need before you take on your business.

Open Book Accountancy and Stocktaking Service

Business controls are critical during the first 12 months so we require you to use our approved accountancy and stocktaking services. The information they produce is shared with us so we can support you in developing and managing your business.

Area Manager Support

Your Area Manager is your main point of contact and you will have a structured programme of visits throughout your first year. During these visits we will assess how the business is progressing and agree any further action or support required.

Property Maintenance

You will also have an Area Surveyor whose role is to ensure that any repairs and maintenance issues that are the responsibility of Hall & Woodhouse are carried out effectively. During your first 12 weeks your Area Surveyor will carry out an inspection of the property with you.

Mystery Customers

After your first four months we will arrange for a mystery customer to visit your business. We will then feed back findings to help you further exploit your strengths and address any weaknesses.


Your energy bills form a significant part of your overheads and we are committed to helping you control these costs. Our nominated energy consultants, Nationwide Energy, will visit you on your first day to offer you advice on the best deal available for your business.


During your first 12 months our Marketing Team will contact you and come up with a support package tailored to your business; this can be a new website, a lunchtime offer, some coverage in the local press or anything else that you need.

The support we offer continues after your first year; we implement a variety of initiatives which are designed solely to aid you and your business.

These range from marketing and promotional support to beer quality and property inspections. We also have a great deal of expertise within our company, so if you require some HR support or Legal advice, we are happy to put you in touch with our extended team.


Our Marketing Team are always available to help you grow your business. Our support website contains useful marketing documents and point of sale materials. We also organise marketing activity across our public house estate, including an annual footfall driving promotion (to encourage new guests to visit your public house), a pub walk created and promoted for every public house, and much more.

We have created a closed Facebook group for our Business Partners which is a great way to share ideas or ask questions with other Business Partners. Once a year we also host an awards ceremony and gala event.


Our quarterly newsletter, The Badger Times includes monthly offers from us and our third party suppliers. These include deals which reward you with free product and sometimes there are point of sale kits to help you showcase a product.

Area Managers

Your Area Managers will see you at the frequency you request but no less than once every 12 weeks.
They are available to help you build your business and their experience and expertise will be a fantastic aid to you on your journey.

Property Maintenance

Once a year your Area Surveyor will examine your property with you and discuss any issues. Our Maintenance Help Desk will help you with any day-to-day problems that arise in your property; even if the issue is one that you are required to fix, we are happy to organise a contractor on your behalf.

Beer Quality

To ensure that you and your team are always able to look after your ales in the best way possible, our Beer Quality Ambassadors will visit you three times a year. They will help you ensure that your drinks are always served in excellent condition. You and your team can complete our Cellar Training Course at any time free of charge. We also give you a free firkin of Badger First Gold if you score 100% in each of your three visits per year.

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